Designing for Timeless Trends Corsetry

Designing for Timeless Trends Corsetry
October 15, 2015 admin

We have some big news to share today! In January 2016 Vanyanis designer Lowana O’Shea will be travelling to Thailand to design new corsets for Timeless Trends Corsetry. To add to the excitement she’ll be working alongside her dear friend and colleague Amber (Lovely Rat’s Corsetry) to come up with the new designs. It is such an exciting opportunity for Lowana to work with the team at Timeless Trends and a real honor to be able to design for such an established company.

For those who may not be aware of the brand, Timeless Trends play an important part in the corsetry market by providing well-made corsets at an accessible price point. Without decent corsets at ‘entry level’ prices it becomes an ‘exit level’ for first time corset wearers (for example think of the cheap and uncomfortable ‘Ebay corsets’ – who’d want to go on wearing one of those!?). Timeless Trends ethically manufactor their corsets in Bangkok, paying above minimum wage to their employees. Treating workers fairly is something we are advocates for and so we are delighted to work with the company on their new range of corsets. Make sure you follow us on our social media and blog to hear all about it!

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