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Luxury Lingerie at Vanyanís

Click the images below to learn more about each of these lingerie collections. You will find lookbooks, behind-the-scenes photos and information as well as links to the products in our store. Each collection was a collaboration between independent designers Karolina Laskowska and Vanyanís, made in Norway by Karolina and released exclusively here on the Vanyanís website.

The Sylvan Collection

Our second collection with Karolina Laskowska,
released in November 2023

Featuring models: Maharani Movement
and Whoopsie Daisy Burlesque
Photography © Little Noise

The Sif Collection

The first collection with Karolina Laskowska,
released in February 2022

Featuring the designers as models:
Karolina Laskowska and Lowana O’Shea
Photography © Karolina Laskowska and Vanyanís