Frequently Asked Questions

Vanyanis Couture

General Questions

Where does the name Vanyanis come from?

Vanyanis (pronounced ‘vahn-ya-niss’) is a word created from J.R.R. Tolkien’sElvish language. It means ‘beautiful woman’. We chose the name as we want our clients to feel beautiful in our clothes.

Where are you located?

We are located at Suite 2, 5 Church Street, Healesville 3777, Victoria, Australia. Healesville is a small town within the Yarra Valley about an hour east of Melbourne (Australia). It’s beautiful wine country so our clients often make a day trip of it when coming to visit for a fitting.

Do you have a shop I can visit?

We don’t have a traditional shopfront, but we do have a beautiful showroom where we host events, showcase our clothing, teach classes and create couture. If you would like to visit to try on our ready-to-wear designs or discuss a bespoke garment, you’ll need to make an appointment. Our studio is located in Healesville, Australia.

I can't attend a fitting, can you still make my outfit?

It depends on what you want made. We prefer to work closely with our clients to ensure a perfect fit as garments made without a fitting cannot be guaranteed to fit like a fully custom made outfit. Most garments can be made ‘long distance’ by posting a toile (mock up). Please contact us with your specific request as we gauge this on an individual basis.

General Questions

Why don't you have a customer service number?

We do have a phone number but don’t list it online due to too many inappropriate calls! If you prefer to discuss your request over the phone, please use the contact form and include your contact number and we will call you within 48 hours (Australian numbers only).

Do you do alterations?

No. We create unique pieces that fit right from the start. Altering the fit or look of a garment is often as time consuming as creating a garment from scratch which can be expensive for the client. If you would like to learn to alter your own clothes then we’d be delighted to empower you with the skills and knowledge via some private tuition.

I have something I'd like made for me, can you make it?

It’s best to contact us with your individual request as we review and reply to many kinds of clothing enquiries. We’re most likely to select commissions of corsetry, bespoke bridal, extravagant gowns, historical pieces, burlesque, steampunk or fantasy pieces. As we’re so busy already we can only take on a select number of commissions at a time and we’ll need to check our current commission list to see to schedule you in.

I'm getting married and I can't find The Dress, can you help?

Absolutely! We specialise in bridal wear for the bride who wants something different. We love creating amazing wedding dresses that no one has seen and cannot be found ‘off-the-rack’. Contact us for a free consultation and you can also view our wedding portfolio for examples of how we’ve helped other brides turn their dream dress into reality.

How long does it take to make a garment?

The process of making a corset or garment is normally a minimum of 12 weeks as several meetings with the client need to take place in between different stages of work. The more complex the garment, the longer the timeframe. We work on more than one garment/commission at a time as this is the most productive use of our time. Bespoke clothing is a luxurious and time consuming art.

How soon should I contact you if I need an outfit for a specific date?

As soon as possible! We have quite an extensive list of clients and work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, with a non-refundable deposit securing your place in our busy schedule. More often-than-not we have a waiting list so we’d recommend contacting us several months in advance if possible. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your request, so please feel free to askeven if you have a tight deadline.

Tell me about custom corsets?

Have you ever tried on a garment that molded to your shape, so that when it’s on, it feels like it’s a part of you? Well, that’s what we do. With over eleven years of experience in corset patterning and construction Vanyanis corsets are made to comfortably enhance and flatter your figure. Our corsets are made using a combination of the finest quality spiral and flat steel boning. Any steel busks used in a design are backed by a small modesty panel. We have tried, tested and found the most durable eyelets which are backed with steel washers. Each corset is made using superior materials to ensure long wear-ability. Each corset is made with a layer of imported English coutil (a woven fabric made especially for corsets). All bias and any other finishing touches are hand sewn. Our corsets are suitable for tight lacing and can be made for daily wear if required. Vanyanis corsets are uniquely patterned and designed for the individual. Why not see for yourself and check out our corset gallery.

I need a corset for under my wedding dress!

We strongly recommend getting your corset before you get your wedding dress (we can help you out with both!). Yes, a corset can bring your waistline in, but the corset itself is another layer over your skin which you need to take into account. Corsets change the shape of your torso, smoothing out any bumps, lifting your bust and bringing you waistline in. It’s the perfect, comfortable alternative to to a strapless bra! Because of the effect a real corset has on your figure, start with it and then get your wedding dress fitted over the top. You’ll be happier with the result!

How much will a corset change my figure?

That really depends on your figure to begin with. On average a corset will bring your waist in three to four inches but that can differ for different body types. If you have a petite figure, you have less to pull in so a corset may only reduce your waistline by an inch or two. If you’re curvier, you’ve got more to pull in so you may lose over four inches off your waist. Sometimes a corset doesn’t change your waistline measurement but rearranges your shape and creats an illusion of a smaller waist. If you’re not sure how a corset will look on you, we’re happy to offer some advice. Simply email us a photo of yourself, or make an appointment and we’d be delighted to assist you further.

Do you offer payment plans?

For our custom work, absolutely. We assess each request on a case-by-case basis and we love to come up with a solution that works for you as well as us. We take a 50% non-refundable deposit before starting work on your piece, and then the remaining 50% can either be paid in instalments or on completion of your garment.

When will my order be shipped?

For all information regarding postage, please see our ordering section.

Who does your photography?

Over the years we’ve built professional relationships with some very talented photographers.

I love your clothes, can I model for you?

Maybe! Send an email through to us at ‘’ with a lnk to your portfolio and we’ll keep your details on file to consider for future shoots. We normally post ‘casting calls’ when we’re looking for models on our ModelMayhem page.

Can I use your garments in a Shoot, Movie, Project?

Yes you can. Simply contact us to arrange a schedule and cost of making the outfits for your project as we’d be happy to get involved. Almost all of the garments you see in our gallery are custom pieces paid for and owned by our clients who have been kind enough to either allow us to use it once for a photo shoot or model it for us. If you saw something you liked in our gallery and want a similar piece for your own project, contact us now so we can get started on your project.