Ready to Wear

High quality, versatile clothing made to last.

The Ebonique Collection

At Vanyanís, we believe in slow fashion – high quality, versatile pieces made to last – not fast fads to be discarded in a few months. Rather than a passing trend, we focus on fashion as an investment; a Vanyanís wardrobe is a collection of timeless favourites made with quality and ethics at the fore, because we pride ourselves on paying a living wage.

The Ebonique Collection (now retired) is a range of wearable staples, designed for people who love functional, elegant garments that can remain wardrobe staples for years to come.

Our Sweetheart Tops are made with a soft bamboo jersey which accommodates a great fit across a range of shapes but were specifically patterned to fit a larger bust. These tops come in four styles, featuring an exquisite Leavers lace or Italian mesh. The Ebonique Skirts were inspired by vintage designs and are cleverly cut to accentuate your waist. The skirts are available in black, or with a burgundy and lace front (which matches the tops). Made with a luxurious delustered  satin and lined in cupro (a hypoallergenic fabric made from cotton) they feel absolutely incredible against your skin. And the best bit is they have pockets! We believe women’s fashion should be functional as well as beautiful, don’t you agree?

We sourced luxurious, high quality materials for this collection that include bamboo jersey, rayon ponte, soft satin and cupro. We’ve used a gorgeous Leavers Lace and Italian Mesh across the collection.

We have expertly developed our patterns to create garments that make you look, and feel, your very best.

“Sophisticated, Romantic and Luxurious.”



Click the images below to view the full set of images alongside the designer’s notes on design and fit. To assist you in assessing the fit of these garments and how they may fit your own figure, you will also find some information about the models measurements and the garment sizes they are wearing.

Lookbook #1

The official Ebonique Collection lookbook.
Featuring models Threnody in Velvet and Lowana O’Shea (Vanyanís designer). Photography by Iberian Black Arts.

Lookbook #2

An opulent, elegant photoshoot, shot on location in Germany. Featuring the model (and stylist) Troys Seducement with photography by Cordula Maria Grahl and Sarah Troester.

Lookbook #3

A richly dark editorial, shot on location in Birmingham, UK. Featuring models Karolina Laskowska and Victoria Dagger. Photography by Jenni Hampshire.

Lookbook #4

A mysterious, Gothic editorial photoshoot shot on various locations across England. Featuring the model Gingerface with dreamy, otherworldly photography by Stephanie Pearl.


“Quality clothing and corsets for ethically conscious people.”


Behind the Scenes

Here at Vanyanís we are proud to be part of the slow fashion movement, producing high quality, wearable fashion, all ethically produced. Our garments are designed and developed in Healesville, Australia (a small country town east of Melbourne). Our small team (of two!) works closely together to expertly develop the fit of the garments and then grade the patterns into the different sizes. Fabrics are sourced and tested, and then Lowana (the designer here at Vanyanís) sets off to oversee production.

Quality is more important to us than a low price tag, and we initially intended to produce our garments in Australia. We explored the options available but none of the local manufactures could produce the quality we were after, so we looked further afield. We are delighted to have found a company in Bangkok, Thailand that shares our values. Celebrating craftsmanship, striving for perfection and, most importantly treating others how you would like to be treated (that means paying fair wages and treating others with kindness). The factory we work with are constantly looking for ways to improve quality and processes and are receptive to our feedback.

Our ready-to-wear collection is made in Bangkok by a small family owned business. The factory we work closely with has a small, talented team of staff who are all paid proper wages (with sick-leave and holiday benefits as is required under Thai law). Lowana frequently travels over to Bangkok to work closely with the factory, ensuring her very particular quality standards are met. We believe in being transparent about our manufacturing processes and love sharing videos and photographs so you can see what goes on behind-the-scenes.