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    Sewparts Glass Head Pins

    We discovered these 'Glass Head Stretch Pins' years ago and haven't used anything else since! At Vanyanís we only stock sewing supplies that we use in our atelier and can personally recommend. In our opinion, they are the best and we use them for all of our sewing, whether we're making a couture corset or a bespoke coat. These pins are super sharp and quite fine which means you're less likely to leave pin marks or holes in your fabric (it's always best to check on a scrap first). The glass head also means you can iron over them without it melting.

    35mm x 2.5mm 60 pieces per packet. Made in Japan.

    Using quality tools really does make a difference in your productivity and enjoyment of sewing. Once you try these you'll want to throw out all your other pins. Why not give them a go and see what a difference they make to your work.

    $ 4