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    Clover Open Sided Adjustable Thimble

    Clover Open Sided Adjustable Thimble

    We discovered these amazing thimbles a few years ago and now can't manage any hand sewing without them!  In our opinion, these Clover Open Sided Adjustable Thimbles are an essential tool for your hand sewing. Because they are open sided, they allow your finger to "breathe" (it's so annoying when your fingers get 'clammy' whilst hand sewing) and if you prefer to keep your fingernails long, these thimbles don't get in the way of that. Using a thimble can help to prevent your hands getting tired when doing a lot of beading or hand sewing (it certainly has made a positive difference to how long we can sit hand sewing). At Vanyanís we only stock sewing supplies that we use in our atelier and can personally recommend.

    Available in adjustable sizes 'small' and 'medium. 1 thimble per packet. Made in Japan.

    Using quality tools really does make a difference in your productivity and enjoyment of sewing. If you don't already sew with a thimble, set yourself the challenge of learning to work with one as once you've mastered that skill you'll find a it makes hand sewing sew (ha!) much easier. Until we tried these, we'd never enjoyed using a thimble before. It took a couple of sessions to get used to it, but then it became an integral part of our process. Why not give it try and see what a difference these thimbles can make to your work.

    $ 19