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  • Black and Gold Ornate Embroidery Scissors

    Ornate Embroidery Scissors

    Who doesn't love ornate embroidery scissors?! As you may have worked out by now, at Vanyanís we are slightly obsessed with all things black and gold, so when a student bought her embroidery scissors to class we had to find out where she got them from so we could have a pair of our own.... and then other students started asking and the next thing we knew we had to get them in due to overwhelming demand! These embroidery scissors are perfect for cutting out lace appliqué, trimming threads and all sorts of fine sewing work. They have a super fine tip and are an excellent sturdy little pair of scissors.

    Scissors measure 110mm / 4¼" Blade measures 33mm / 1 ¼" Brand: Xlassé Made in China.

    At Vanyanís we only stock sewing supplies that we use in our atelier and can personally recommend.
    $ 21