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  • Vanyanis Luxury Tote Bag. Model: Threnody in Velvet © Iberian Black Arts

    Vanyanís Luxury Tote


    This, we firmly believe, is the tote to end all totes! Luscious, robust, and embroidered with our gorgeous gold corset monogram, this black bag truly marries elegance and beauty to strength and durability. Made from a hard-wearing black satin fused to cotton and lined in a soft satin, this bag is super-strong and sewn with small stitches. It truly is made to last.

    Perfect to team with your Ebonique wardrobe, our Vanyanís bag can be used in place of a handbag, to carry a small laptop or tablet to work, a pair of life-saving flat shoes to your nights out dancing in our ready-to-wear range, or a selection of hardbacks so that your ride to work can be transformed into a morning escape into other worlds...

    We cannot wait to hear how you will use your very own Vanyanís Luxury Tote!

    $ 49
  • © Vanyanís

    Vanyanís Tote Bag


    As an elegant, knowledgeable woman, you know that plastic bags are both unsightly and unkind to our environment. Here in Australia, an estimated 3.92 billion disposable plastic bags are used each year. Many of these go on to cause general havoc, blocking waterways, and even finding their ways into the stomachs of our wildlife. Wherever you are in the world, you can do your bit for the environment while looking très chic while out shopping with our beautiful reusable calico bags.

    These calico bags are screen-printed in Melbourne with our gorgeous corset monogram in black. Made from a high-denier, quality fabric, all internal seams are cross stitched making them stronger than your average calico tote and guaranteeing you will get plenty of use from them in years to come!

    $ 12
  • © Vanyanís

    Vanyanís Mug


    In the lead-up to the release of our highly anticipated ready-to-wear Ebonique collection, our devotees made a special request for a Vanyanís mug, complete with our beautiful corset monogram. Never one to disappoint, we took on your suggestions and have worked hard to bring a touch of elegance to our followers’ tea and coffee breaks. And here it is: a curvy, sleek mug, in signature black both inside and out, with our much-loved logo showing proud on both back and front – the perfect thing for left and right handers alike! A little ‘must’ for those whose aim is to live, breathe, and drink elegance. Cheers!

    To keep this piece beautiful for many, many delightful tea and coffee escapes, hand washing is recommended.

    $ 25