“The Best Dress Ever”

“The Best Dress Ever”
February 7, 2010 admin

Our beautiful alternative bride Maybe Melody wrote a very flattering review about the unique wedding dress we made her earlier this year:

“…Vanyanis is advertised as “Custom Corsetry and Extravagant Attire” and it really, really is extravagant. The first thing I uttered as I gazed upon her exquisite designs was, ‘I am so getting her to make my wedding dress!’
…He had not yet proposed, but I was confidently smug about our relationship, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. A few months later my smugness was justified and I sent an email to Vanyanis. The dress is incredible. We have yet to get our ‘official’ photos, but here’s a few snaps of what I can only describe as The. Best. Dress. Ever.”

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