Aeryn Underbust Corset Pattern
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    Aeryn Corset Pattern | Wellington Students in mock ups
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    Aeryn Corset Pattern | Claudia
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    Aeryn Corset Pattern | Sally J
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    Photo: Tigz-Rice | Aeryn Corset Pattern | Model: Lowana
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    Photo: Tigz-Rice | Aeryn Corset Pattern
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    Photo: Tigz-Rice | Aeryn Corset Pattern

Aeryn Underbust Corset Pattern

$ 24

The Vanyanís Aeryn underbust pattern is a comfortable and shapely corset pattern. Initially developed for Vanyanís Beginner’s Corsetry Course, this pattern has fast become popular and has proven to be a huge success with all who’ve tried it. It has a curvy silhouette with a lovely sweetheart shape at the upper back. The back panels have been drafted to create a smooth silhouette and eliminate any “back fat” or “overspill”. This pattern creates a beautiful corset with a dramatic shape.

The corset pattern has six panels (per side) and is patterned to lace up closed on the wearers body (if you prefer a 2″ lacing gap, simply select one size smaller). The pattern has been created to be as user friendly as possible. Seam allowances are clearly marked on all panels as well as a helpful letter system across of the top of the panel pieces (to help you sew the panels together correctly). We recommend sewing a toile (mock-up) to check and adjust the fit, before commencing your final project.

Available in corset sizes 18″ to 44″ it can fit natural waists of 20″ to 50″. To work out which size you’ll need, please refer to the size chart located in the tabs below. This pattern is sold in “packs” of three sizes and comes with corset lacing instructions. Sewing instructions are not included. Royal Black has an excellent sew-a-long on her Patreon, where she’s used this pattern for the instructions. This pattern is licensed for personal use only (please refer to the tabs below for full terms of use).

Once purchased, the pattern pack will be immediately emailed to you as a PDF in both A3 and A4 formats, so you can print it out and get started with your corset straight away. (The A4 version will need to be taped together after printing). Tip: make sure you print the file at “100%”, not “shrink to fit”. There is a printed scale measurement on each page so you can check that it has printed correctly.

The files will be sent from so make sure you add this email to your address book so your patterns don’t end up in the ‘spam’ folder!

Please use #VanyanisAerynCorsetPattern when posting your projects on Instagram, as we’d love to see your creations!


Vanyanís Corset Size Chart

For the best fit, please check your measurements against the sizing chart above. For help and instructions on how to take your measurements, click here.

Tip: As a general “rule” base your corset size off the waist measurement. If the hip or underbust measurements don’t match exactly, keep in mind that it’s easier to make something smaller rather than trying to fit into something that’s too small.

For your chance to be featured, use #vanyanisaeryncorsetpattern on Instagram.

This pattern is licensed for personal use only.
You can: make corsets for yourself and/or friends with this pattern (unlimited use).
You can: sell corset samples made using this pattern (but please credit us using the #VanyanisAerynCorsetPattern). You may sell up to 5 corset samples, per purchase of this pattern.
You can: buy this pattern and use it for a client commission (provided you credit us using the #VanyanisAerynCorsetPattern). You may use this pattern once, per purchase of this pattern.
You cannot: use this pattern for a ready-to-wear line of corsets.
You cannot: share, sell or provide copies of this pattern to anyone else (individually or in online forums or groups).
You cannot: use this pattern for teaching without prior discussion with us directly. Please email to discuss.
By purchasing this pattern you agree to these terms of use.