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  • Maternity Leave and Photoshoot 2024

    This is both a personal and work related update as I’m going on maternity leave for a month (starting from when this blog is published) and that’ll affect how things are run here (read on to find out more).

    This week my partner Brett and I will be welcoming our second baby into our lives. I’ll be having a cesarean due to complications from the birth of our first son, so my recovery is going to take a while. Luckily, we’ve got family visiting to support us during this time. 

  • Maternity Leave and Photoshoot

    2020 has been full of big changes and exciting milestones in my personal life – my partner and I will be welcoming our first baby into our lives in the next few days. We celebrated our impending arrival at 38 weeks (nearly 4 weeks ago now) with a special photoshoot in Wellington with Yvonne Liew. I made myself a maternity gown out of a delicious black floral brocade and made it to fit over a maternity corset that I made for myself during my pregnancy.