Ebonique Black Satin Skirt with Pockets
  • Lowana O'Shea © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Threnody-in-velvet-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4431
    Threnody in Velvet © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Threnody-in-velvet-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4354
    Threnody in Velvet © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Threnody-in-velvet-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4330-web
    Threnody in Velvet © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Threnody-in-velvet-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4408
    Threnody in Velvet © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Lowana-OShea-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-
    Lowana O'Shea © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Lowana-OShea-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4641
    Lowana O'Shea © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Lowana-OShea-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4648
    Lowana O'Shea © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Lowana-OShea-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4628
    Lowana O'Shea © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Threnody-in-velvet-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4479
    Threnody in Velvet © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Threnody-in-velvet-(c)Iberian-Black-Arts-4392
    Threnody in Velvet © Iberian Black Arts
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt__model-Troys-Seducement_(c)-grahlfoto.de-0276
    Troys Seducement © Cordula Maria Grahl
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt_model-Troys-Seducement_(c)-grahlfoto.de-0252
    Troys Seducement © Cordula Maria Grahl
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt__model-Troys-Seducement_(c)-grahlfoto.de-0260
    Troys Seducement © Cordula Maria Grahl
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Troys-Seducement_(c)-grahlfoto
  • Vanyanis-Ebonique-Black-Satin-Skirt-model-Victoria-Dagger-(c)-Jenni-Hampshire
    Victoria Dagger © Jenni Hampshire
  • Vanyanis-ebonique-black-satin-skirt-model-Gingerface-(c)-Stephanie-Pearl- Photography-0934
    Gingerface © Stephanie Pearl Photography

Ebonique Black Satin Skirt with Pockets

$ 99

IMPORTANT: This item is on “clearance” and all sales are final.

At Vanyanís, we believe that elegance goes hand in hand with comfort and utility. This is why our decadent satin skirt has two generously deep hidden pockets – freeing you of the need for a clutch should you choose.

The skirt is cleverly cut to accentuate your waist and hips, without adding ‘bulk’ at the front. The luxurious satin is gathered at the back and sides, joining the flat front. The hemline is generous and you instantly want to swish about when you wear it. Why not wear a petticoat underneath for a vintage feel?

This skirt is the height of luxury and we’ve loved bringing a couture feel to this garment. The skirt is fully lined in cupro (a hypoallergenic, anti-static fabric made from the silky fibers of the cotton plant) which feels incredibly soft against your skin.

Christian Dior once said “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” We couldn’t agree more.


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Vanyanis Ebonique Skirt Size Chart

For the best fit, please check your measurements against the sizing chart above. For help and instructions on how to take your measurements, click here. Please note, this is a non-stretch garment with the size based on your waist measurement.

To assist you in assessing the fit of these garments and how they may fit your own figure, you will find some information about the models measurements and the garment sizes they are wearing alongside fit notes from the designer in our Lookbooks (click here).

Fabric Content

Satin: 100% Polyester (luxurious feel, with a high thread count).
Lining: Cupro (a hypoallergenic, anti-static fabric made from the silky fibres of the cotton plant. It is durable, breathable and often used as a silk substitute).

Care Instructions

For best results we recommend dry cleaning.
Or, hand wash in cold water. Or, gentle machine wash in a garment bag in cold water. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring. Warm iron with pressing cloth.

At Vanyanís, we believe in slow fashion – high quality, versatile pieces made to last – not fast fads to be discarded in a few months. Rather than a passing trend, we focus on fashion as an investment; a Vanyanís wardrobe is a collection of timeless favourites made with quality and ethics at the fore, because we pride ourselves on paying a living wage.

Designed in the Yarra Valley, Australia.
Made in Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information about our ethical manufacturing process, click here.