Pregnancy Corset Pattern [PREORDER]
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    Vanyanís Pregnancy Corset. Photography by Yvonne Liew.
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    Vanyanís Pregnancy Corset. Photography by Yvonne Liew.
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    Vanyanís Pregnancy Corset. Photography by Yvonne Liew.
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    Vanyanís Pregnancy Corset. Photography by Yvonne Liew.

Pregnancy Corset Pattern [PREORDER]

$ 39

[PRE-ORDER: Files will be emailed on or before March 30th, 2024]

The Vanyanís Pregnancy Corset Pattern is a stunning piece of corset engineering. Inspired by historical corsets, this pattern was designed and developed during the designers’ own pregnancy (pictured). A pregnancy corset does not constrict the waist – it provides pain-relieving support to the belly, bust, back and hips. Elastic panels add flexibility and the adjustable side and back lacing expand as the pregnancy progresses. The lacing allows for a size increase of up to 10″ making it the perfect solution to provide comfortable support to a growing pregnant body.

Available in one size (see the tabs below for sizing notes).
Laced closed, it fits: Bust: 42″, Waist: 32″, High Hips: 39″ (expands up to 10″).

This digital pattern is beautifully designed and includes the following:

  1. Version ‘A’ is a ‘flat layout‘ (showing the detailed stitching and bone placement [and types]).
  2. Version ‘B’ is a simple ‘working‘ pattern that can easily be adjusted to your size.
  3. Version ‘C’ shows the seam allowance and grainline placement.
  4. A pattern for a belly support band (for use in the third trimester)
  5. Lacing instructions for the back and sides

Instructions are not included, but you will find some helpful notes from the designer to assist you. This would be a complex project for an experienced or adventurous maker.

This pattern is licensed for personal use only (please refer to the tabs below for full terms of use). Please use #VanyanisPregnancyCorsetPattern when posting your projects on Instagram, as we’d love to see your creations!

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This Pregnancy Corset Pattern was developed to fit a figure with a fuller bust (14G/34G in Australian bra sizing). It was patterned to fit the designer in her second trimester of pregnancy and laced closed on her at 20 weeks pregnant. At 38 weeks the same corset still fitted due to the adjustable lacing and a supportive belly band was added to provide additional belly support for the third trimester.

Without any lacing gaps, the pattern fits: Bust: 42″ Underbust: 33″ (taken 4″ above the waist) Waist: 32″ High Hips: 39″ (taken 4″ below the waist).
Please check your measurements against the above measurements. For help and instructions on how to take your measurements, click here.

If you would like to use this pattern but your measurements are different, references such as bust, underbust, baby bump and underwire lines are clearly marked so you can adjust the pattern sizing to fit. The fit and shape of a corset for a pregnant body has to be exact – no pressure should be put on the baby. As this particular corset received such a warm reception on social media, we digitized it so that you can see how the pattern functions with a pregnant body. This pattern is intended for educational use, but you could absolutely use it as a starting point for a bespoke corset of your own. Check your measurements, adjust the pattern to match your own and then sew and fit toiles to perfect the shape before making a finished corset.

Wearing a corset (or firmly fitting garment of any kind) during pregnancy should always be discussed with your doctor or trusted healthcare professional, prior to use. It is important to note that Vanyanís is not a qualified medical professional and the Pregnancy Corset Pattern and it’s contained information is intended for informational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or healthcare professional. By purchasing the Pregnancy Corset Pattern you acknowledge and agree that you are accepting the responsibility for your own health.

This pattern is licensed for personal use only.
You can: make corsets for yourself and/or friends with this pattern (unlimited use).
You can: sell corset samples made using this pattern (but please credit us using the #VanyanisPregnancyCorsetPattern). You may sell up to 5 corset samples, per purchase of this pattern.
You can: buy this pattern and use it for a client commission (provided you credit us using the #VanyanisPregnancyCorsetPattern). You may use this pattern once, per purchase of this pattern.
You cannot: use this pattern for a ready-to-wear line of corsets.
You cannot: share, sell or provide copies of this pattern to anyone else (individually or in online forums or groups).
You cannot: use this pattern for teaching without prior discussion with us directly. Please email to discuss.
By purchasing this pattern you agree to these terms of use.

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