Vanyanís Engraved Busk – Silver
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  • Vanyanís Engraved Busk with silver laurel design
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Vanyanís Engraved Busk – Silver

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Our busks are made in Germany and then engraved by hand in Melbourne (Australia)!

Inspired by the antique corsets of the Victorian era, these original Engraved Busks are created by Vanyanís and are the first of their kind in about 100 years! These high quality German ‘silver’ stainless busks have been carefully engraved with a delicate silver laurel leaf design on each loop of the busk. Out of all the colours available (antique black, gold and silver) the silver is the most subtle. It really depends on the lighting as too how visible it is (in some lighting it is nearly invisible), so this colour is best suited to those wanting just a hint of detail (we find this particularly well suited for bridal corsets).

Using the very best of modern technology the pretty laurels come up crisp and clear on each loop and do not rub off or wear away. They are the perfect finishing touch for your special corset, whether you’re recreating an antique design or just love luxurious little details in your corsetry. Engraved Busks are not made anywhere else in the world – they are unique to Vanyanís and now available to you! We can’t possibly make corsets for everyone so have made these available to everyone so that anyone can enjoy these very special busks.

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    The loops have been expertly engraved with a two-tone antique black laurel design (reminiscent of Victorian corset details) and then transformed into a pendant (complete with sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold loop) and earrings (with solid sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold hooks hooks) by a talented jeweller. The silver pendant hangs on a delicate 50cm ‘Figaro’ sterling silver chain that adds detail, without detracting from the pendant. (Please note: the gold set does NOT include a chain).  Whether you wear them as a whole set, or style them with jewellery you already have – the choice is yours with these unique, handmade pieces of luxury.

    We wear our set everyday and several people have asked if the pendants are love lockets, as the cut out shape is similar to a keyhole. Isn't that lovely? Our customer Emmelie said (on receiving her necklace) "I love how it must look quite mysterious to a non-corset wearer: it's obviously a very deliberate, even utilitarian shape - but what of?! I can't wait to be asked about it."

    This set is beautifully presented in a branded black jewellery box, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Make every day a luxury, with Vanyanís Corset Jewellery.

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for manufacture of this item as it is made-to-order.
    $ 330$ 365

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Our high quality, two-part busks are made in Germany, using the very best stainless steel and manufacturing processes. The ends of the busks have been rounded and tipped with a plastic white coating. They are reasonably flexible and very strong (much stiffer than the common busks that are coated in white plastic). Each half of the busk measures 12mm wide.

We import them to Melbourne where we carefully engrave each loop individually using a colour annealing process. The engraved designs cannot rub or wear away as the design is engraved into the steel itself. Please note that as each loop is carefully engraved by hand, there may be some minor variations as to the placement of the laurel design. This is an intentional feature of the product and is part of the engraving process. This should not be viewed as a fault. We personally inspect each busk before shipping and can attest to the high quality of the product. We’re thrilled with this luxury item and are positive that you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Important: For back-orders, please allow up to 8 weeks for manufacture of this item. If ordering other items, please note that all items will be shipped together.

Our busks are currently available in two lengths:
11″ (28cm) – with 5 loop & pins (the lowest two are closer together).
14 1/8″ (36cm) – with 7 loop & pin fasteners (evenly spaced).

These two lengths are versatile and perfect for underbust and overbust corsets. Both lengths can be easily cut down and made shorter should you desire a different length. The 36cm busk can be easily shortened to 32cm should you require a midbust length busk or have a longer torso. There’s so many ways you can adjust the length, we’re positive one of these options will be perfect for your corset. Click here for a tutorial on how to resize a busk or get in touch with us and we’d be happy to offer advice should you need it!

Should you desire a different busk length we would be delighted to assist you. For specially ordered lengths you will need to meet our wholesale busk order minimums (50+ pieces). Please contact us for pricing and T&Cs.

Once the busk has been inserted into the corset (click here for a tutorial by Sew Curvy), the wearer must make sure to loosen the corset fully to get in and out of the garment. Attempting to get in or out of the corset without loosening the laces may result in the ‘pins’ of the corset breaking. Like all things, treat your busk carefully and it will last a long time. We cannot be held liable for any damage to your busk as a result of misuse or rough handling.

We’re not the first to have dreamed about engraved busks, but we are the first (in this century at least) to see it become a reality. As beautiful as our laurel leaf design is, we know that some of you already have ideas for designs of your very own and have perhaps been dreaming of it for years. How marvellous would it be to have engraved busks for your own corsetry label/business, with a design unique to you and your clientele? Well, we’re delighted to offer a Custom Busk Service so we can help you make that dream a reality! Simply contact us for pricing and more information.

So far we’ve helped Laurie Tavan, Tighter Corsets and Innova Corsetry bring their custom busk dreams into reality.

Discounts are available for orders of 10+ pieces. Contact us for pricing.
Wholesale discounts are available for larger orders should you be planning a collection or wish to stock these busks in your shop.

Should you desire a different busk length or type, we would be delighted to assist you. For specially ordered lengths and types you will need to meet our wholesale busk order minimums (50+ pieces). Please note there may be a longer production time of up to 12 weeks for very large orders. Please contact us for pricing, time-frames and T&Cs.